TV Executive Named Spencer Fox Eccles Convocation Honoree and Speaker

The David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah announced Bill Campbell, a successful television executive and producer, will be the honoree and keynote speaker for the 2014 Spencer Fox Eccles Convocation. Read More

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Homecoming Week 2014: Believe in U

The University of Utah’s annual weeklong Homecoming celebration promises something for everyone, beginning with Redfest on Sept. 19 and culminating on Sept. 27 with the football game against Pac-12 peer Washington State University. In keeping with the theme “Believe in U,” Homecoming 2014 provides ways for students, alumni and other U fans to foster educational opportunities and engage in community service such as the Legacy of Lowell Community Service Day on Sept. 20. Read More


Nuclear Spins Control Current in Plastic LED

Sept. 18, 2014 – University of Utah physicists read the subatomic “spins” in the centers or nuclei of hydrogen isotopes, and used the data to control current that powered light in a cheap, plastic LED – at room temperature and without strong magnetic fields. The study – published in Friday’s issue of the journal Science Read More


Two Years on Mars: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Kimberly Lichtenberg, an instrument engineer for the Mars Curiosity rover, will speak about “Two Years on Mars: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” during the University of Utah’s Frontiers of Science Lecture on Wednesday, Sept. 24. Read More


Smallest Known Galaxy with a Supermassive Black Hole

A University of Utah astronomer and his colleagues discovered that an ultracompact dwarf galaxy harbors a supermassive black hole – the smallest galaxy known to contain such a massive light-sucking object. The finding suggests huge black holes may be more common than previously believed. Read More