University of Utah

Businessweek Report: ‘University of Utah’s New Dorm Mimics Google Headquarters’

The Lassonde Studios — a new facility being built on the University of Utah campus for student entrepreneurs and innovators to live, create and launch companies — came into the national spotlight this week with a report by Bloomberg Businessweek. Read More

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Red Butte Garden

Survey Shows Utahns Have Extraordinary Participation Rate in Outdoor Recreation

As many Utah citizens are getting ready to enjoy the state’s mountain trails and reservoirs for July 4, a new survey shows the majority of Utahns participate in outdoor recreation at least once a week, and nearly 90 percent of them say outdoor recreation is very important to them. Read More

Spafford Chair Jane Dyer

Project Will Help New American Moms Deliver Healthier Babies

Imagine giving birth in a country where you don’t speak the language. You have no close family or friends by your side and the medical practices are uncomfortably foreign. These experiences are not uncommon among African refugee women in Salt Lake City, but a new research project based at the University of Utah hopes to change that. Read More


University of Utah Study Finds Highest Paid CEOs Earn Lower Stock Returns

New research in a study from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah found that CEOs who receive higher incentive pay often lead their companies to decreased financial performance. Specifically, the study discovered that the highest paid CEOs earn significantly lower stock returns for up to three years. Read More


U Finance prof Scott Schaefer hits the road to learn valuable business lessons for new book, released today

It’s an intriguing premise for a book: Pack three economist buddies into a car for a cross-country road trip to explore how small businesses function in far-flung locales, and extract some lessons valuable to all manner of executives and entrepreneurs in the process. Read More