Primary Media Contacts


Main campus: 801-213-2562

University of Utah Health (hospitals and clinics): 801-581-2121

Use the on-call number if you need immediate assistance or need to reach someone after hours. You will receive a response within 20 minutes.

University of Utah Main Campus Spokesperson:
Administration, university-wide issues and policies, campus emergencies

Christopher Nelson
Communications Director
Office: 801-581-5180

University of Utah Health Care:
Hospital/Clinics, Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Health and School of Medicine, Orthopedic Center, School of Dentistry

Kathy Wilets
Communications Director 
Office: 801-581-5717

Sue Winchester
Associate Director 
Office: 801-581-3102


Paul Kirk
Associate Athletics Director for Strategic Communications 
Office: 801-581-3511


University Communications Office


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Christopher Nelson
Communications Director
Office: 801-581-5180

Brooke Adams
Executive Communication Manager
Office: 801-587-2130
Cell: 801-673-0011
Office of the President, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Shawn Wood
Community Liaison & Communications Specialist
Office: 801-585-9244
Cell: 435-201-1729
Human Resources, Alumni Association, Auxiliary Services, Commuter Services, Facilities/Campus Construction, University Information Technologies (UIT), Union, College of Fine Arts, College of Architecture + Planning, ASUU, Office of Global Engagement,



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Morgan Aguilar
Communication Specialist
Cell: 208-661-5863
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, School of Transformation

Paul Gabrielsen
Science Writer
Office: 801-585-6861
Cell: 801-505-8253
College of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
College of Mines & Earth Science: Atmospheric Science, Geology and Geophysics

Libby Mitchell
Managing editor @theU

Lisa Potter
Science Writer
Office: 801-585-3093
Cell: 949-533-7899
College of Science: Biology, Physics and Astronomy
College of Mines & Earth Science: Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Geography
Natural History Museum of Utah

Andrew Thompson
New Media Specialist / Account Executive / Copywriter
Office: 801-581-4020
Social Media, Homepage banners