Primary Media Contacts


Main campus: 801-213-2562

University of Utah Health (hospitals and clinics): 801-581-2121

Use the on-call number if you need immediate assistance or need to reach someone after hours. You will receive a response within 20 minutes.

University of Utah Main Campus Spokesperson:
Administration, university-wide issues and policies, campus emergencies

Christopher Nelson
Communications Director
Office: 801-581-5180

Annalisa Purser
Associate Director
Office: 801-581-7295

University of Utah Health Care:
Hospital/Clinics, Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Health and School of Medicine, Orthopedic Center, School of Dentistry

Kathy Wilets
Communications Director 
Office: 801-581-5717

Sue Winchester
Associate Director 
Office: 801-581-3102

Liz Abel
Sr. Associate Athletics Director/Director of Communications  
Office: 801-581-3511

University Communications Office


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Christopher Nelson
Communications Director
Office: 801-581-5180

Annalisa Purser
Associate Director, Communications
Office: 801-581-7295
Cell: 435-232-0312
Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Office for Equity and Diversity, Sustainability, Continuing Education and Community Engagement, University Neighborhood Partners

Communications Specialist
College of Humanities,  Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program, Kingsbury Hall, Pioneer Theatre, Museum of Fine Arts, Red Butte Garden, Parks, Recreation and Tourism,  Marriott Library, College of Education, Graduate School, Honors College

Brooke Adams
Executive Communication Manager
Office: 801-587-2130
Cell: 801-673-0011
Office of the President, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Shawn Wood
Community Liaison & Communications Specialist
Office: 801-585-9244
Cell: 435-201-1729
Human Resources, Alumni Association, Auxiliary Services, Commuter Services, Facilities/Campus Construction, University Information Technologies (UIT), Union, College of Fine Arts, College of Architecture + Planning, ASUU, Office of Global Engagement,



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Janelle Hanson
Campus & Community Communications Specialist
Office: 801-587-2128
Cell: 801-850-8111
Editor for @theU, community relations, campus-wide emails, campus community calendar

Paul Gabrielsen
Science Writer
Office: 801-585-6861
Cell: 801-505-8253
College of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
College of Mines & Earth Science: Atmospheric Science, Geology and Geophysics

Lisa Potter
Science Writer
Office: 801-585-3093
Cell: 949-533-7899
College of Science: Biology, Physics and Astronomy
College of Mines & Earth Science: Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Geography
Natural History Museum of Utah

Andrew Thompson
New Media Specialist / Account Executive / Copywriter
Office: 801-581-4020
Social Media, Homepage banners