Air quality experts: Science and Engineering

Kerry Kelly (Chemical Engineering)
Kerry Kelly is associate director of the Program for Air Quality, Health, and Society and a research assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute for Clean and Secure Energy at the University of Utah. She is also a professional engineer and member of the State Air Quality Board. Her research focuses on air quality, carbon management and the evaluation of emerging energy technologies including consideration of their associated health, environmental, policy and performance issues.


John Lin (Atmospheric Science)
John Lin is involved in several research projects that are examining air pollution along the Wasatch Front, including an effort to gather measurements of PM2.5 and other pollutants on the TRAX system. He is a founding member of the Utah Atmospheric Trace gas & Air Quality laboratory that posts real-time air quality measurements at He is involved in a study that will utilize both ground-based atmospheric chemistry observations at the University of Utah campus and airborne observations from a NOAA research plane that will fly around the Wasatch Front in January and February.



Terry Ring (Chemical Engineering),, 801-585-5705

Connections between oil and gas production and high ozone levels in the Uintah basin.


Erik Crosman (Atmospheric Science),, 505-570-0552

Numerical weather prediction and lake-atmosphere interactions.


John Horel (Atmospheric Science),, 801-581-7091

Mountain meteorology, MesoWest weather observation database.

  1. David Whiteman (Atmospheric Science),, 801-585-1414

Temperature inversions and thermally-driven wind circulation.