Back to school, on track to graduate

Students across the state are heading back to school, including more than 30,000 University of Utah students. Helping students graduate in a timely manner so they can avoid excess debt, achieve their goals, join the workforce and contribute to society is a top priority for the U. Over the last several years, the U has implemented a variety of new programs designed to help students stay on track, even when they are working, starting families, dealing with financial struggles and experiencing all the stresses of life. Learning communities that provide “wrap-around support,” flexible class schedules and new support services like the Student Success Advocates that roam campus looking for students who could use some help are a few examples. Martha Bradley-Evans, dean of Undergraduate Education and senior associate vice president of Academic Affairs at the U, is available to discuss these and other efforts the U has in place to help students succeed.

Martha Bradley-Evans | phone 801-581-3811 | email