Domestic violence and the O.J. Simpson case

A new series on FX with a star-studded cast is bringing to life “the trial of the century” on the small screen. “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” premiered earlier this year, resurrecting memories for many who were transfixed by gavel-to-gavel TV coverage of the trial. What role did the O.J. Simpson case play in the way domestic violence is perceived in the United States? Sonia Salari, associate professor in the U’s Department of Family and Consumer Studies, served as a victim’s advocate during the O.J. Simpson trial. Today, she is the author of several books and scholarly research on domestic violence. She can discuss the impact of abuse as well as the structural, environmental and institutional factors that contribute to a victim returning to a perpetrator. She also can speak about her role at the Simpson trial, how it shaped history for victims of domestic abuse and how the conversation around family violence today is different than it was during the case.

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