Italian referendum: Could it be bigger than Brexit?

On Sunday, Italian citizens will vote on a constitutional referendum that proponents say would make the country more governable. It would change the balance of power between the country’s two legislative bodies and would reduce decision-making powers of regional governments, returning that authority to the central government. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi argues the changes are needed so the government can take action to strengthen Italy’s economy. Renzi has staked his political future on the outcome, pledging that he’ll step down if the referendum fails. Some analysts say the vote is the most significant political event in Europe this year. What’s at stake, both for Italy’s government, its economy and the European Union? Professor John G. Francis, who specializes in European politics, is available for interviews about the implications of the referendum.

John G. Francis | research professor, political science | | Send texts to 801-583-2936

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