Policy pros

Two University of Utah students’ policy proposals to change the United States’ higher education gap between the country and other wealthy democracies earned top place honors at a recent competition in Washington D.C. Graduate students Fatema Ahad and Annette Harris, both in the Master of Public Policy program, were challenged to propose policy solutions for the lagging rate of college completion in the U.S. as part of the 2016 Policy Solutions Challenge. At the unique event, teams provide 15-minute presentations outlining policy solutions to a public issue. A panel of professional policy analysts question the students about their proposal and winners are determined after presentations are scored. Students are available to discuss the solutions they came up with, as is Beth Henke, program manager for the MPP program who can talk about the U’s impressive record on winning several national championships at the Policy Solutions Challenge competition.

Beth Henke | Phone: 801-585-7834  | Email:  Elizabeth.henke@utah.edu