Skiing across Greenland

On Friday, May 6, geography lecturer Timothy Edgar will depart for a month-long expedition to cross Greenland on skis. Friend Morgan Watson, with whom Edgar has already scaled four of the Seven Summits, the highest points on each of the seven continents, will accompany Edgar. Edgar and Watson’s 600-km (375-mile) ski journey will resurvey a previously studied path across Greenland to see how the thickness of the Greenland ice sheet and the melting rate of the ice is changing over time. The duo will also dig daily snow pits and collect snow samples, and will relay all of their data to researchers at the University of Utah upon their return. Edgar and Watson will carry all of their supplies for the 30-day expedition on sleds, and have started a Gofundme page to help offset the supply and insurance costs, as well as engage the public in their scientific efforts. Edgar is available to comment on the aims and implications of this unique scientific odyssey.

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