The upcoming vote in Congress on Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

All eyes are on Congress and a pending vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal that is expected to take place before Sept. 17. The deal calls for the U.S. to lift economic sanctions against Iran in return for Iran’s agreement not to develop nuclear weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the agreement would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, while others (mostly Republicans) in Congress have argued that Iran can’t be trusted to follow through on the deal. Earlier this week, news emerged that President Obama has secured enough votes to put the agreement in place. U law professor Amos Guiora is an expert on counterterrorism and national security. He is available to offer commentary on the Iran nuclear weapon deal and potential ramifications of any outcome. Guiora has written for the New York Times about his past involvement in prisoner release negotiations for Israel. He served 19 years in the Israel Defense Forces and was involved in the release of Palestinian prisoners in his role as a judge advocate general. Guiora can offer commentary on the question of national security in the middle east and what the deal will do to stabilize or not stabilize the middle east. He can also speak to the deal’s potential ramifications for the Islamic State group, what the deal means for other countries getting nuclear weapons and a host of other issues on this developing story.
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