In 2018, University of Utah Health was ranked 19th out of 100 top health care institutions worldwide for scientific research by the Nature Index, up 31 percent from last year’s ranking.

The University of Utah also ranked in the top 100, placing 73rd out of 500 academic institutions (up 22 percent from last year) and 86th out of a combined list of 500 academic, corporate and healthcare institutions (up 22 percent from last year).

The Nature Index, a database compiled by Nature Research, provides an overview of research rankings for institutions and countries based on the number of scientific articles published in 68 high-quality journals. The data includes counts of both the total number of papers and the share of authorship of each paper.

“We have a remarkable history of producing high-quality scientific research at University of Utah,” said Andrew Weyrich, vice president for research at the U. “Ranking in the top 100 for three categories on the Nature Index is an incredible honor for our institution and a strong confirmation of the incredible work conducted by our faculty.”

According to Nature Index, the tables are intended to be one of a number of metrics to assess research excellence and institutional performance.

The 2018 tables are based on Nature Index data from January 1 to December 31, 2017. The selection process for the current list of journals was led bytwo independent panelsof active scientists in the life and physical sciences. Journal selections were validated using more than 6,600 responses from researchers to an email survey.

The Annual Tables are compiled by Springer Nature, which provides the research community with relevant information about the state of global science and publishing trends.

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