Kevin Coe

Are You Guilty of Posting Rude Comments to Online News Sites?

Anyone who’s ever ventured into the comments section of a news website has likely observed some unfriendly exchanges. Now research from the University of Utah and the University of Arizona has confirmed just how common such behavior is. Read More

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James Tabery

Why do Scientists Still Debate About Nature and Nurture?

If scientists agree it’s not nature versus nurture; rather, it’s the interaction of nature and nurture, why does a debate still exist? Read More


U Chamber Choir Brings Home International Prize

The University of Utah Chamber Choir bested choral groups from around the world to win first place in the prestigious Florilège Vocal de Tours held in Tours, France, May 30 to June 1. Read More

01_Arnold_Kennecott Big Pit sized

Creation and Erasure: Art of the Bingham Canyon Mine

A new exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) offers an unparalleled look at the world’s largest man-made excavation through the eyes of artists. Creation and Erasure: Art of the Bingham Canyon Mine, on view May 30–September 28, presents more than 100 paintings, drawings, prints and photographs created by artists from around the country since the mine’s earliest days. Read More


Utah’s Own ‘Monuments Man’ Celebrated at U Library

The recently released film, “The Monuments Men,” illustrates how art experts working for the U.S. military helped reclaim looted art in Europe after World War II. In a similar fashion, a man named Lennox Tierney— who eventually came to the University of Utah’s College of Fine Arts as associate dean— worked to save pieces of Japan’s artistic and cultural heritage post WWII. Read More