U faculty available to provide commentary and analysis of 2016 election

This is a special edition of Context from Campus highlighting U faculty available to offer insights and interpretation of the 2016 election results as well as commentary on key policy issues the new president, Congress and state leaders will face.

• Jason Perry is able to address all aspects of the election and voter behavior in Utah, including the gubernatorial, congressional and presidential outcomes.
Jason Perry | director, Hinckley Institute of Politics | 801-230-3347

• Morgan Lyon Cotti is available to discuss women voters, “none of the above” voters and the election in general.
Morgan Lyon Cotti | state program manager, Hinckley Institute of Politics | 801-647-3654 | morgan.lyoncotti@hinckley.utah.edu

• James Curry focuses his research on U.S. politics and policymaking, with an emphasis on the role of parties and leaders in Congress and can speak to major policy issues raised in the 2016 election.
James Curry | assistant professor, Department of Political Science | 301-325-4979 | james.curry@utah.edu

• Tim Chambless is able to address all aspects of the election, including why third-party candidate Evan McMullin receives such strong support in Utah.
Tim Chambless | associate professor/lecturer, Department of Political Science | 801-209-0931 | tchambless@poli-sci.utah.edu

•Matthew Burbank teaches and conducts research on voting and elections, political parties and public opinion and is available to discuss these and other topics related to the election.
Matthew Burbank | associate professor, Department of Political Science | 801-581-6313 | mburbank@poli-sci.utah.edu

• Edmund Fong focuses his research on the constitutive role of racial politics in developing American political culture and American political institutions. He is able to speak about the impact of racial divisiveness, criminal justice and policing practices on the election.
Edmund Fong | associate professor, Department of Political Science | 801-585-7656 | Edmund.fong@utah.edu

• Nathan Seegert is available to speak about the presidential candidates’ tax policies and how those policies might impact the economy.
Nathan Seegert | assistant professor, Department of Finance | 801-585-7131 | nathan.seegert@eccles.utah.edu

• RonNell Andersen Jones, expert on First Amendment issues, is available to discuss Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s threats to sue The New York Times over its reports about women who allege Trump touched them inappropriately.
RonNell Andersen Jones | law professor, S.J. Quinney College of Law | 801-369-3063 | ronnell.andersen.jones@law.utah.edu

• Julie Corbett is an expert on environmental communication and is available to address the presidential candidates’ views on climate change and environmental policies.
Julia Corbett | professor, Department of Communication |801-581-4557 | Corbett.julia@gmail.com

• Derek Hoff can provide a historical perspective on the presidency and the electoral process in America.
Derek Hoff | associate professor, Department of History | 801-581-6121 | derekhoff@gmail.com

• Kevin Coe researches American political discourse, news media and public opinion and is available to address religion and incivility in the 2016 election.
Kevin Coe| assistant professor, Department of Communication | 801-581-5341 | kevin.coe@utah.edu

• Caren J. Frost is the director of the Center for Migration and Refugee Research and is available to discuss immigration issues raised in the presidential campaign.
Caren J. Frost | research professor, College of Social Work | 801-581-5287 | caren.frost@socwk.utah.edu

• Christopher L. Peterson has written an analysis outlining why, if Donald J. Trump is elected, there is a legally sufficient case to impeach him on changes related to fraud and racketeering for conduct related to operation of Trump University.
Christopher L. Peterson | law professor, S.J. Quinney College of Law | 801-581-6655 | Christopher.peterson@law.utah.edu

• Lincoln L. Davies has written about the moral choice for faithful Christians this election is to not vote for Republican nominee Donald J. Trump.
Lincoln Davies | law professor, S.J. Quinney College of Law | 801-581-7338 | lincoln.davies@law.utah.edu

• Brent J. Steele can address issues of immigration and national security policy.
Brent J. Steele | professor, Department of Political Science | brent.steele@utah.edu


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