The fraud princess

January 14, 2016

It’s a scandal that has Europe captivated and Spaniards aghast: Princess Christina is on trial for fraud. What does this mean for Spain, a country that loves its royalty? What’s the historic value of this?  Could this lead to a change in respect of the monarchy from average Spaniards? What does this mean for Spain right now, with all that is going on within the country and the world economy/political landscape in general? Department of Languages & Literature professors Fernando and Lucia Rubio are available to offer commentary. The best way to reach the Rubios is via email.
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Financial crisis in Greece: What will be the economic impact worldwide?

July 13, 2015

The financial crisis in Greece may seem like a problem in a far-off nation for many Americans, but the country’s recent shutdown of the banking system could have worldwide implications. Retirement savings like 401(k) plans could fluctuate after markets took a dip when talks between Greece and its creditors in Europe broke down in recent weeks. There are other potential economic ramifications as well. Economics professor Korkut Alp Erturk can explain what’s happening in Greece and the potential economic impact for the U.S. and world. Erturk has published multiple articles on the case for international currency reform.
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