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Businessweek Report: ‘University of Utah’s New Dorm Mimics Google Headquarters’

The Lassonde Studios — a new facility being built on the University of Utah campus for student entrepreneurs and innovators to live, create and launch companies — came into the national spotlight this week with a report by Bloomberg Businessweek. Read More

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Red Butte Garden

Survey Shows Utahns Have Extraordinary Participation Rate in Outdoor Recreation

As many Utah citizens are getting ready to enjoy the state’s mountain trails and reservoirs for July 4, a new survey shows the majority of Utahns participate in outdoor recreation at least once a week, and nearly 90 percent of them say outdoor recreation is very important to them. Read More


U Students Replace Grass with Water-wise Design

Through a student-funded initiative, 8,000 square feet of grass on the University of Utah campus will be converted to a water-wise landscape design, which is expected to save more than 100,000 gallons of water annually. Read More

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Michele Mattsson New Chair of U Board of Trustees

Michele Mattsson has been elected chair of the University of Utah’s Board of Trustees, effective immediately. Mattsson, the first woman to hold the position, has served as vice-chair since 2009. Read More


U Students Break with Service

Restoring ecosystems, rehabilitating animals, serving the homeless, hungry and sick are just some of the ways University of Utah students spend their fall and spring breaks. Recently named program of the year by Break Away, a national organization promoting active citizenship in higher education, the Alternative Breaks program at the U encourages volunteerism and lifelong service by dispatching teams of students to communities in the western U.S. and Canada. Read More