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A path to brighter images and more efficient LCD displays

University of Utah engineers have developed a polarizing filter that allows in more light, leading the way for mobile device displays that last much longer on a single battery charge and cameras that can shoot in dim light. Read More

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U Mathematician Named to Explorers Club

University of Utah professor Ken Golden – dubbed the “Indiana Jones of mathematics” – has been selected as a fellow of the Explorers Club, an elite group that also has included astronaut Neil Armstrong, test pilot Chuck Yeager and Mount Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary. Read More


Viruses Impaired If Their Targets Have Diverse Genes

When a viral infection spread through five genetically identical mice in a row, the virus replicated faster and became more virulent or severe. But when the infection spread one-by-one through five genetically diverse mice, the virus had trouble adapting and became less virulent. Read More


Why Lizards Have Bird Breath

Whether birds are breathing in or out, air flows in a one-directional loop through their lungs. This pattern was unexpected and for decades, biologists assumed it was unique to birds, a special adaptation driven by the intense energy demands of flight. Read More

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Self-Repairing Software Tackles Bugs

University of Utah computer scientists have developed software that not only detects and eradicates never-before-seen viruses and other malware, but also automatically repairs damage caused by them. The software then prevents the invader from ever infecting the computer again. Read More