More, Bigger Wildfires Burning Western U.S.

Wildfires across the western United States have been getting bigger and more frequent over the last 30 years – a trend that could continue as climate change causes temperatures to rise and drought to become more severe in the coming decades, according to new research. Read More

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Warm U.S. West, Cold East: A 4,000-Year Pattern

Last winter’s curvy jet stream pattern brought mild temperatures to western North America and harsh cold to the East. A University of Utah-led study shows that pattern became more pronounced 4,000 years ago, and suggests it may worsen as Earth’s climate warms. Read More


U Picks Chemist Henry White as Dean of Science

Henry S. White, a distinguished professor of chemistry and former chair of the University of Utah’s chemistry department, will serve as the new dean of the university’s College of Science starting July 1. Read More


Hunting Our History

Standing on a desert ridgeline in southern Utah with little vegetation visible for miles, one would be challenged to imagine the area under your feet as swampland. Read More


U Graduate Pitches Invention on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

Two graduates from the University of Utah will appear on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Friday, April 11, 8 p.m. MST to make a pitch for their startup company, Power Practical, in hopes of receiving an investment. Read More