‘Darwinian’ test uncovers an antidepressant’s hidden toxicity

Because of undetected toxicity problems, about a third of prescription drugs approved in the U.S. are withdrawn from the market or require added warning labels limiting their use. An exceptionally sensitive toxicity test invented at the University of Utah could make it possible to uncover more of these dangerous side effects early in pharmaceutical development so that fewer patients are given unsafe drugs. Read More

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Past Global Warming Similar to Today’s

The rate at which carbon emissions warmed Earth’s climate almost 56 million years ago resembles modern, human-caused global warming much more than previously believed, but involved two pulses of carbon to the atmosphere, University of Utah researchers and their colleagues found. Read More

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Ebola Virus May Replicate in an Exotic Way

University of Utah researchers ran biochemical analysis and computer simulations of a livestock virus to discover a likely and exotic mechanism to explain the replication of related viruses such as Ebola, measles and rabies. The mechanism may be a possible target for new treatments within a decade. Read More


U Students to Show Off Latest Video Game Projects

Students from the University of Utah’s nationally recognized Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) video game design program will be showing off their latest gaming creations, ranging from a horror title that takes place in Dust Bowl Oklahoma in the 1930s, to a mobile app that teaches teens the importance of having health insurance. Read More

Cyber Heist

University of Utah Student Video Game Nabs First Place

Student video game developers from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) video game program have won Best Student Game in the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge in Orlando. The award was announced Thursday, Dec. 4, for their two-player action game, “Cyber Heist.” Read More