Ukraine: Multiple Academic Perspectives

University of Utah professors can address various aspects of the current Ukrainian-Crimean-Russian conflict, including historical context, geopolitical relationships among key players, U.S. and European foreign policy and analysis and reaction to responses from the Obama Administration. Read More

Recent Topics

LGBT Legal Expert can Discuss Utah’s Same-Sex Marriage Appeal to the Supreme Court

University of Utah professor of law Clifford Rosky is available to discuss a federal judge’s recent ruling that Utah’s Amendment 3 — which bans same-sex couples from marrying — is unconstitutional. Rosky is one of the country’s leading experts on the constitutionality of laws against same-sex marriage. Read More

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

The U Celebrates National Entrepreneurs’ Day Every Day

President Barak Obama proclaimed Nov. 22, National Entrepreneurs’ Day. The U is a strong supporter of building the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through mentorship, support and education. Read More


U Professor: Keep Talking to Solve Conflict in Syria

David Derezotes, professor of social work at the University of Utah, is an expert on the role dialogue plays in conflict and believes dialogue may help foster peace in the ongoing conflict in Syria. Read More

Tips for Success in College

University of Utah professor of education Amy Bergerson is available to discuss ways students can prepare for success in college. Read More